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Unites the past with a sustainable future!

«Rinato» means rebirth in Italian. Through us old furniture and objects come to new life. We find hidden treasures at recycling stations and flea markets and create new and unique objects. Redesign, sustainability, and creativity are core values at Rinato. Every object that is created at our workshop is a functional piece of art. With creativity and an artistic eye old furniture and objects are recreated into something new and unique while, at the same time, their essence remains. 

At Rinato we wish to preserve past traditions and concurrently create a new, sustainable future. Every year a large amount of furniture is discarded. Reusing these we appreciate resources and reduce consumption. With us old pieces of furniture obtain new use, are disassembled and put together again in a new way, and receive new surfaces and colours. This is called upcycling. Old objects retain their beauty and essence whilst they obtain new types of use and new relevance for the highly environmentally conscious consumer of today. Thinking innovatively and creatively we create functional art for your home, office, or building. 

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Bench Coffee Table

"Functional art with focus on redesign, sustainability and creativity."

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Meet Rinato


Shiva Jahangosha

Founder and co-owner

Mobil: +47 996 26 838


Daria Nykiel

Founder and co-owner

Mobil: +47 925 66 529

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Brobekkveien 54,

0598 Oslo

+47 996 26 838

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